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Elementals Bio Retinol

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Elementals Bio Retinol

Utilising a blend of plant derived retinol alternatives which offer less irritation but equally as good results. Accompanying these highly efficacious plant extracts is a power house peptide that expedites collagen formation.

Recommended Use:

At night, massage into cleansed skin. Follow with moisturiser.


Revinage (bio-retinol): A safe, stable plant based alternative to retinoids for the treatment of aging skin. It provides retinol like behaviour by binding to the RXR receptor and reducing by 20% the RAR expression while increasing the RXR expression by 119% resulting in effective anti-aging and anti-photoaging action.

Sytenol A (Bakuchiol): Extracted and purified from edible seeds, it is also a natural alternative to retinol with similar efficacies, which include: improvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and overall photo-damage, while no irritation effect on skin.

Biolumita (Lecithin (and) Alpinia Officinarum Root Extract): Helps to reduce the production of endothelin-l, a peptide involved in the formation of melanosomes, within which melanin synthesis occurs as well as reduces the transcription of tyrosinase and TRP-1, essential enzymes in the production of melanin.

W3 Peptide (Hexapeptide-33): Has a whitening effect through impeding melanin formation and also delivers wrinkle reduction through expediting collagen formation; Increase wound healing effects

Dermalab Korea ECM-5 (Hydrolyzed Elastin from Pollock): Rich in Desmosine, Glycine and Proline, this amino acid dynamo boosts elastin synthesis as well as protects and preserves elastin.