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Mesolyft Eyes

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Why I love it!

This is a game changer.  Combining one of my favourite skin modalities (micro-needling) with incredible skin loving serums all in one very clever device. Need I say more!  If you are a savvy skin care user/junkie then this is the ultimate step up in your treatment regime.

What is it?

MesoLyft Eye Renewal is a beauty tool, more than an eye cream. Combining potent eyelid anti-aging serum with the action of 0.15 mm micro-needle derma roller. This wrinkle-relaxing product helps accelerate skin's natural repair process whilst ingredients in the serum work as cell communicators to boost cells, replenish hydrate and smooth.

What It Does

Improves the appearance of fine lines instantly and long-term. Smooths the texture of lower and upper eye lid.  Plumps and hydrates the delicate eye area. Works to induce the skin’s natural repair process and cell metabolism.