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Prin Flow Kit

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Why I love it!

Get your flow on.  Happy Healthy Skin here you come.  During my some 30+ years working with skin I have always been one for a holistic approach.  This word is now common place but it’s been my mantra from day one. Working from the outside in and equally from the inside out.  The Flow Mask Home Facial kit contains everything you need for happy healthy skin.

What is it?

A Facial Mask like no other.  A well-functioning lymphatic system is vital to skin health.  This organ system is responsible for removing waste and nourishing our cells and tissues via our blood supply. So if this system is under duress this will present in your skin.  The Prin Flow Mask works on ensuring the lymphatic system is working at its optimal levels, eliminating and delivering all it should to and from the skin.


What does it do

This clever little mask gives your skin cells an amazing work out.  It clears toxins flushes the skin with nutrients and oxygenates the cells creating a stronger healthier skin. This mask works with our organ systems, increasing blood circulation, promoting detoxification whilst also transferring active vitamin rich plant extracts to feed and nourish the skin.